Audio Playlist Fade in/out


I would like to suggest the possibility of having a fade in/out function for Audio playlists. The idea is, in case you have background music with some live announcements or a countdown before starting the main program, to be able to have a smooth ending of the music by the time you want to start speaking live. Or the same for the moment you want to start ending the live presentation, get some background music to start smoothly.

Thank you

John O.


This is a feature I would really like too. A hotkey to do a 3 second fade of the audio playlist. Currently I have to click the audio tab, click and slide the audio volume slider to minimum. press stop on the playlist. return the volume level for the the next song waiting to play, get out of the audio tab, back to the tab i need to work in.

It is easier for me to have another device like an iPhone and a connected bluetooth speaker. I can play my music easily through it and get my fades with a program like GoButton. My microphone would have to pick up the music.