Audio mixer with many cam?

I’d like to add audio via a mixer to ManyCam on my IMac.

Is this possible? I can also use an audio interface, can I set that up?

At this point I have only “built in microphone” and “webcam microphone” listed as sources.

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Yes. Been trying to get in touch with support for days now trying to figure this out. Also there is no way to adjust volume of audio sources. That’s insane. Just on off or mute. Following. Hope they respond.

I’m wondering if it’s because I’m using a Mac. I ran into trouble last night as I was playing YT videos. No controls at all. Instant play, no way to go back and no volume control.

Does anybody have any input on these subjects?


Click at “Show Video Playlist” button to open volume and rewind controls (click again to close).


:+1::+1: thank you very much!