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Audio and video out of sync incrementally

I started using an audio interface for our broadcasts so I could use an xlr mic, but for some reason, even if the audio and video start out nicely in sync, as time goes on they start to get more and more out of sync. Why is that? How can I correct this? It only happens if I use the audio interface, when using a USB mic, sound and video are always in sync.


ManyCam 8 Beta and Lite has a lot of A/V sync improvements, please try them out:

I had high hopes to see this dilemma solved with ManyCam 8 Beta, but the exact same thing is happening as with the previous version.


Does you mic support 44100 Hz? Please try to switch to this (internal for ManyCam) format, maybe it will help:

You are right, my audio interface only has 48000hz sample rate.

This is what I did to fix the progressive desync issue:

  1. Since my audio interface does not allow me to go down to 44100 Hz, which is what ManyCam handles, nor does ManyCam have a way to increase it to what my audio interface handles, I had to get a virtual cable that would convert the sample rate to that of ManyCam.


  1. I downloaded VB-Audio Virtual Cable and ran my audio interface signal through it making sure they both had the same sample rate.

  1. Then in the settings of the virtual cable output I made sure that it had the same settings as the ManyCam audio (44100 Hz)

  1. In ManyCam I added the virtual cable output as a microphone


and walah! I’m already 2 hours of test streaming on YouTube without any progressive desync problem!

Problem solved!

IIt would be great if ManyCam could soon offer a much wider range of audio sample rates than the two it currently offers.