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ATEM Mini Pro and manycam

I use the new BlackMagicDesign ATEM Mini Pro. Will manycam fully function with the ATEM?

Hey @franklyray

Have you tried the latest update? You download it here:

Is there a way to assign Atem mini previews to ManyCam previews?

Yes, your Atem MINI should have a USB port for preview and HDMI port for output. Just make sure it is set up that way using your ATEM software that you can download from BMD.

I also have a HDMI to USB capture device. I can use that to capture HDMI into USB and then select that device in ManyCam.

Sorry to bother again. My Atem mini isn’t a pro. It has a USB-C output which connects it to the notebook, and an HDMI output for preview (but not multiview). ManyCam recognizes Atem mini as a single camera, so that I can’t select each camera in the preview. Connecting both USB-C output and the HDMI capture device, will I be able to see all four cameras in order to select them in the playlist? My aim is to have all cameras preview in the ManyCam playlist. Thanks

Mine is not a pro either. With a HDM to USB capture dongle, you will be able to view preview and program only in ManyCam since the non-pro version doesn’t allow for multiview. This is what I do. Honestly other than having HDMI input capabilitties, with ManyCam (and now VMIX as well), the usefulness of my ATEM Mini is somewhat diminished.


Grazie! Thank you Steve!