Already safe to update Zoom on Windows Systems?


Since there seem to be many troubles using ManyCam for the up-to-date version of Zoom on Mac computers, I wonder if there similar (or other) problems with Windows.
So I ask my fellow Windows 10 users of ManyCam with Zoom: Have you already dared to update to Zoom 5.0 and - if yes - is everything working so far?



Hey @chipsy17m!

Zoom on Windows hasn’t had any issues yet!

But just to check, I ran a couple tests on a few machines here, updated Zoom to Version: 5.0.1 (23502.0430) and so far everything looks like it continues to work on Windows.

I am a MAC user as well, and I have lots of issues with Zoom.

No problems at all with zoom on my Windows 10 laptop.

I finally updated Zoom as well and ManyCam still ist working. :slight_smile:

Zoom 5.0: Update required for GCM encryption

A system-wide enablement of GCM encryption will occur on May 30, 2020. After this date, only Zoom clients which support GCM, including SDK apps , will be able to join Zoom Meetings. Download Zoom Client 5.0.

Please note as of May 30th, any versions of the Client SDK version 4.6.1 or below and Web SDK from version 1.7.6 and below will no longer be operational.

Upgrade to the latest SDK versions to support GCM:
Same issue here with the latest update. Fortunately I have an installer from last month that works fine. However, I would like to have a solution to this that works with the new update.
Thanks for the posts. I have got an update regarding this issue. The engineering team has aware of this issue and the Zoom software client will fix this issue shortly. Please wait for the client to upgrade.