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Allow the capability to play just one song in PlayList

I can’t play a single song by double clicking it without it playing the next song. I am trying to use this playlist to play like an intro or simply a sound effect. I don’t want it to play the next song, Only one time I was able to double click a song and when it finished playing it stopped, but 99% it moves to and plays the next song.

Possible solutions.

  1. Fix the playlist so that when you double-click a song, it plays just that song.


  1. Provide the option to add multiple Playlists.


  1. Add a checkbox next to each song in the playlist so that when you click Play, it will loop through all the songs that are checked. Also, provide a Stop button also so that it resets the song to the beginning, so that when you hit play again it starts over, not continues where it left off. That is what the play/pause button is for.


  1. Create a separate Audio section that is not a playlist where you can choose which song you want to play, and again with a Stop button that resets itself.
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