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After New Update: Can't quickly scroll through playlists

I just downloaded version and lost the ability to quickly navigate through my playlists. I often need to manually go to a certain image in the middle or end of the playlist. (My playlists have 50-60 images each.) It is now necessary to click on the images, one-at-a-time. Earlier, I could use mouse or finger on my touch-screen to quickly zip from one end to the other end of the playlist in a second or two. Now my playlists are virtually useless.


Could you record video?

Thanks. Here’s a video explaining the problem I’ve suddenly experienced after the MC update.


Thank you for the video.
In ManyCam 8 (upcoming) and ManyCam Lite presets are now vertically scrolled, so I hope it will solve the problem.

BTW, what if you try to use 2-3 fingers to scroll?

In that case, I will try ManyCam Lite because I simply can’t use ManyCam in the current state.
Thanks for your help.