Add second text box

I’m ManyCam Premium Lifetime, on ver (which I believe is the current version for Windows), and have used ManyCam for many years. At least since ManyCam 3.

I use the Text feature with some regularity. Sometimes, I find myself wishing there was an ability to add a second, completely independent text box to my Preset: Different font, different scrolling, etc. It seems that would be an easy feature to add, although the GUI for the control for that might be a little messy.

This isn’t my top wish list item, but it would be nice to have.


I’d definitely like this as well!


I would like to add multiple text boxes too. As well, i would like to be able to name / label the text box like you can name a preset.


Sailor Guy

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+1 for multiple text boxes.

I was surprised that only one text box is currently allowed. You should be able to have multiple text layers similar to how you can have multiple Effects layers.


Yes, need multiple text boxes.

My biggest complaint is no second, third, etc. text box.

I support this request. This would be very helpfull.