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Activation many cam 8 and many cam lite

I have many cam premium, I downloaded many cam 8.0.0 it’s not allowing me to activate. Also I downloaded many cam lite this is not also activating. In both instance, I login with my email and password. I will be so glad to have this sorted as soon as possible.

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I’m experiencing the same issue.

I also have the same problem, I bought a lifetime version and now with the 8 it tells me that I cannot activate the license. They screwed us


Hello everyone,

As you all already know, due to ManyCam’s change of ownership, the company has stopped selling Lifetime subscriptions. With this change, all current Lifetime subscriptions are limited to ManyCam 7 and ManyCam Lite. However, if you are a Lifetime subscription holder, you can get 1 year of ManyCam 8 Annual for free per each paid Lifetime subscription you own as a part of our loyalty program.

Taking this offer will not affect any of your existing subscriptions, meaning you will still be able to activate ManyCam 7 and Lite with your current Lifetime subscription.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Support via this form.

About Lite support. There was a glitch where Lifetime customers couldn’t activate ManyCam Lite - this has already been fixed. If you still experience any problems with activating Lite, please let us know via this form.

All existing paid Lifetime subscriptions support ManyCam 7 as well as ManyCam Lite, which are available for download here, along with ManyCam 8 for Windows:

What about your old loyalty? The OLD LIFETIME FREE UPDATES AND UPGRADE LOYAL AND FAIR POLICY? What happened to it?

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I am asking same question as xcoder. This is supposed to affect people are just purchasing this now, and not those who bought this based on previous agreement. I actually used Manycam 8 when it was in beta, only to reinstall window 8 and find that it was not working anymore. You’ve got to look into this. Trust is vital for business.

Mind you the price for premium is way much more than the current yearly subscription. As a matter of fact the price for studio is also more than that. Regardless, it is important to keep your word.