Accept 60FPS for input video sources

Currently ManyCam only can handle 30FPS for video sources like Webcams and Mobile Devices, even though these devices can handle 60FPS themselves.
On the other hand, the ManyCam video output (virtual webcam) can also handle 60FPS, as well as most of the conference, streaming & broadcast platforms (eg MS Teams)

It would be really great to at least give us the option to choose 60FPS for the connected video sources besides the current max 30FPS, so that all inputs and outputs are consistent in their FPS, if selected as such.
This is then maybe depending on HW & SW performance of the devices used, if this works correctly or not, but at least giving us the choice will satisfy the ones who really need 60FPS setups (like in our case where we really need to see precise hand movements on camera).
Many thanks for considering!