A lot of issues/failures

So I’ve been using Manycam for a while now but just recently started trying to use some of the more advanced features and running into issues.

  1. I can’t get media file sources to work for layers. Nothing works when I try to select Media Files for example. No video I have tried will load. I always get an “invalid source” error. Are there specific requirements listed somewhere (maximum length, codec limitations, etc)? I have tried playing avi’s, mkv’s, and mp4’s with no success.

  2. Is there any way to select a game purchased via Steam as an input source?

  3. Showing a video as a layer works if I select “Desktop” as the source but the sound from the video does not come through. Is there a way to get the audio from the video to play as well?

Hey @bitbyter
If you are on PC:
For #1 and #3, install K-Lite Codec Pack and see if this makes any difference.
For #2, try capturing it via Desktop > AppWindow or add it as a game source.

If you don’t hear audio when capturing from your desktop, try this guide: https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/audio-troubleshooting/