2 big problems streaming from a large church to Facebook

We have a very large church & stream services 4 times a day, 24/7. ManyCam would be perfect, but we can’t use it because (a) you can’t stream direct to a Facebook business page, only to a main page, for which people need to be FB members. Our 100s of viewers mostly aren’t members. The workaround using a streamkey is too clunky 4 times a day - can you please enable MC to stream to a business page?; and (b) remote devices flash a menu asking permission for connection. It’s inconvenient at startup and, if connection is lost during a broadcast, impossible in our situation to go around this huge building pressing “allow” again - can it be made optional or eliminated altogether? https://mirfield.org.uk/

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I completely agree. you item (b) (as stated above) is absolutely annoying and a way around it would be greatly appreciated!

Try ecamm live pro, manycam is more for tik tok and youtube videos

ManyCam for Win/mac/android (ios is upcoming) allows you to stream to a group or to a page that you manage.
To disable “allow” open Settings -> Connection -> Remote Device and uncheck “Confirm”: