(100+) Can You Please Add VST/VST3 Support to ManyCam?

VST plugins such as Waves add functionality like allowing you to perform audio compression, EQ, de-essing, noise gating, etc. on the microphone input and would greatly benefit ManyCam customers. The addition of this feature would allow customers to use thousands of great audio plugins to enhance the audio on their recordings. Also I have a lifetime premium subscription, how do I get the “priority support?” Thanks.


Haven’t heard back from anyone at ManyCam regarding my questions above.
For anyone looking for an alternative solution, I have found the following workflow to treat my microphone audio:
(1) Importing the video’s .MP4 files into After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro etc.
(2) Export just the audio to an uncompressed format such as .WAV, .WV, etc.
(3) Import that audio file into your DAW of choice.
(4) Process the audio with the VST plugins of your choice.
(5) Export that uncompressed audio and bring it into your video editor and replace the original file’s audio with it.

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The VSTs would be a great addition. As a professional musician, streamer, and media lawyer, it is imperative to have audio effects… OBS has this capability, and MANYCAM desperately needs it! Please guys, respond to this.

VST and AU for us Mac users. This would be huge! There are many great EQ and noise cancellation plugins on the market that would be be extremely beneficial for all broadcasters. streamers and video conference users.