(100+) Can You Add the Phone's Screen as a Source in the ManyCam Play Store/App Store App

Can you add the phone’s screen as a source in the manycam Play Store/App Store app? This way I can share what I’m doing on my phone with the app on the computer.

Currently only these sources are available:

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YES, that would be great.

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That would be a fantastic capability for demonstrations! I would like to request it as well.


For anyone who wants this feature immediately I spent all night doing research and found the following solutions:

( 1 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F0mXAFgLoM This video was a great explainer and the 2 best solutions I found from it were:

  • Ecamm Live - plug your iphone via lightning cable directly into your Mac & record it as a video source! This also has a lot of extra features such as “comment overlays” which get this – lets you select youtube, facebook and twitch comments from your live stream and post them up in your broadcast in REAL TIME, using your DSLR as a video source, support for Elgato Cam Link, and even has an interview mode for bringing in guests live! It is also like 5 bajillion times easier to use than Streamlabs OBS/OBS Studio. The only downside is this is a Mac only app.

  • Quicktime - surprise! I didn’t know you could record straight from the phone to quicktime! Sadly, this is a Mac only solution.

( 2 ) If you are running Windows here are some solutions I found. They basically turn your computer into an Apple AirPlay receiver, this way you can stream the phone’s screen to your computer kind of like how you would do with a Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV or other smart TV:


If you don’t feel like spending money on an Elgato Cam Link, there is a free app you can download which lets you set your DSLR as a camera source called Camera Live. As of this writing “Build 11” is the most recent version https://github.com/v002/v002-Camera-Live/releases


Let’s say you just wanted people to call in to your live show. I found this product called the RodeCasterPro https://www.rode.com/rodecasterpro which lets you set your cell phone as an input source via bluetooth or TRRS cable (headphone jack with both stereo and mic for 2-way communication). A cheap alternative is to just plug your phone’s mic into the mic jack on your computer or have callers call in via Google Voice and record the system audio through ManyCam (don’t tell the folks paying $2,500 a year for a BlogTalkRadio plan – their heads might explode!) ENJOY!


  • You can use the “Elgato 4K Capture Utility” program for the Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2, Elgato HD60 S or the Elgato HD60 Pro with the Screen Link app installed on your phone https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/screen-link but it’s basically the same thing as an AirPlay receiver, perhaps you can get less dropped frames or smoother input but I’m not buying this to find out without trying the purely software/usb/lightning solutions first.

  • Camo by Reincubate https://reincubate.com/camo/ - This app works both for Mac and PC but the only downside is that it only uses your iPhone’s cameras and doesn’t record the screen.

One More Thing (Tim Cook voice) – I just ordered a lightning to USB cable from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JQSQLN/ so I’m going to test these out and let you all know which of the above solutions worked best for me (I’m on Windows but after watching the latest apple event showcasing the new M1 chip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AwdkGKmZ0I I’m really considering purchasing a Macbook Air for Ecamm Live)

Now if ManyCam would just add a dark mode and fix all these bugs my life would be complete!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased ManyCam Lifetime Premium because I like how they simplify things (Yes, I did not get it for free – this is not a paid review, it’s my actual life experience). My current goal with ManyCam is for an easy solution to record commentary videos for YouTube just like YouTubers I like to watch – “DJ Akademiks”, “Celina Powell”, “No Jumper”, “iJustine”, “Michael Blackson”, “Marques Brownlee”, “Joe Rogan Podcast”, “Linus Tech Tips”, “unWine With Tasha K”, “Hollywood Unlocked”, “The Star Report”, etc. not so much for live streaming unless of course I got into making Minecraft or Twitch videos but it’s a great addition (which for the record, they added later on and so far are doing okay – but there’s room for improvement with the competition such as Ecamm Live). I don’t need ManyCam to be a video editor, there are professional programs like Final Cut Pro and Premiere/After Effects/Davince Resolve/etc. I just need ManyCam to efficiently capture my input sources, audio and screen and focus on doing that job right. Even though OBS is FREE, it is just a lot more annoying to deal with. If you’re smart like me and can find workarounds like the ones I’m suggesting above it will make your YouTube creator/live streaming/podcasting/voiceover recording/educational video packaging life easier and more affordable. I am a professional so I don’t expect you to understand everything I just wrote about but I’m hoping ManyCam listens to folks like me who are investing their money in their product and wanting them to win. And believe me, I’ve tried all the other solutions out there – this just works.

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@KPah2n2EmN ManyCam for macOS supports capturing your iPhone screen via lightning cable, just plug your iphone to your mac and it will appear as a camera in ManyCam. Doesn’t work on Windows unfortunately.

You know what… I’m going to buy a Mac on Cyber Monday or Black Friday lol… as much as I hate Apple after Steve Jobs died I guess I have to give them a pass for content creation.

KPah2n2EmN, you’ve got some great suggestions here. Question - what if my phone/tablet is android and I want to screen cast to a ManyCam layer on Mac OSX? I tried a number of HTTP screen sharing apps for android and plugging the URL into an IP Camera layer but that didn’t work :frowning:

I could screencast to a web browser and then create a layer from that browser but that takes up my screen real estate and seems like it will be a better idea to stream directly to a ManyCam layer somehow?

Any ideas? Thanks!