Youtube in Presets

I cannot figure out how to use youtube presets once they are loaded and working. They play once then freeze on the last frame and cannot be played again no matter what I do. Even when i close manycam completely and reopen that preset, my four youtube videos just will not play.

I’ve tried clicking on the preset videos individually, the preset menu to the right, editing the preset videos - nothing works. Help!!

Hey @jscully

Try using the Video Playlist controls:

This is not an answer. There is literally no information on that page on how to deal with presets in playlists. I have my playlist on the left, but there is NO OPTION of loading presets into a new one. HELP - can you please refer someone who knows how to do this because this page is useless.

I have a casting session in half an hour and all of my work on this just went down the toilet because I can’t risk this app looking like shit, which it does now. Do you guys have any hope to get into film and television? Becaues this has a lot of applications but not if it’s so impossible to work.