WTH Happened with version 7?

I had chromakey/greenscreen going well. I bought the lights with the umbrellas for each side, I have a square 6x4 inch LED light in front of me, and I have of those lights coming up from the floor on either side of me and pointed at the screen. I have the right, wrinkle-free, green background. The color of the screen is a medium grass green. I wear the right colors. After a lot of research and effort, EVERYTHING was going well most of the time So, when I got the advert to go to lifetime premium I thought, “Sur`e! Why not? This thing works”

NOW… After I downloaded the “upgrade” I accidentally turned myself into a black-eyed demon from and couldn’t get it to go away, I quit the program, made sure the drivers weren’t still running. No help. Rebooted the machine [manycam disabled in startup config]. No help. Uninstalled. No help. Uninstalled and deleted all settings. NO F*ING Help!!! I fiddled with the settings for about 15 minutes and could not get things to look right.

Finally, I managed to get it to work “sort of” but I couldn’t show a small [6 by 10 inches] white board because it turned black in sections no matter which way I turned it. I use manycam with VIPKid for online English tutoring and at that point I was 5 minutes to go until I have to start class. I decided that it was okay to start. Started class and except for the green blur between my fingers when I move them, all is minimally okay. Quality seems off, but ok. Then I tried to show the little whiteboard, kept it close to me and it turned black, like part of my background is showing through. Then I noticed that two of my teeth were blacked out. The father was looking over his son’s shoulder with a quizzical look. At that point I switched to a plain preset with a border around it sto`make it look like I put in some effort.

I am about two feet from the camera and two feet away from my green screen. I can’t really change that.

My questions are: “what am I doing wrong?” If I can’t get it fixed, is it a good idea to go to one of those sites that offers past versions of software? Barring all that, how do I get a refund for ALL my upgrades, even if everything but the last one has been over 30 days?

I apologize for this being so long, but I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time by leaving stuff out.

Just to answer this question if it comes up, these are my computer specs:
I have a gaming laptop, albeit a few years old.

It is an ASUS ROG 701 gaming laptop

Intel Core 8 core hyperthreaded i7-7820 @2.9 and can be overclocked to 4.3 I think. CPU: 32 GB RAM DDR4-2400, dual channel,

Graphics adapter
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile 8GB Core [although I thought I added added more when configuring it for purchase.] 1681 MHz, Memory: 2578 MHz, GDDR5X,

1TB SSD with 440 GB free

Hard-wired (i.e., don’t use wifi) 350 Mbps down 25 up)

Thanks for any help you can give,


Hey @karambel

From the looks of this post I think you might have Chroma Key on and a white color selected but I can’t be sure, I would need a screenshot of the issue.

Can you please verify that resetting Chroma Key doesn’t help this?

Also can you please check if you have any effects selected in Effects -> Selected Effects just to be sure?

First, I am so sorry to have made you read that TL:DR question. I had the older version of the software and when I upgraded I downloaded version 7. I SUPPOSE it’s not their fault that I am getting old and resistant to change, lol. There used to be an undo “button” to click next to the one that turned chromakey off and on. It set you back at the beginning of the process, i.e you couldn’t go back one step only. NOW, I see that since the update that key isn’t on the top but rather down next to the “color picker” and “auto” buttons.I didn’t notice the two “undo” buttons you have highlighted. I am an idiot for not seeing that. The whole problem was that I had clicked too many times. I am used to that, but when I didn’t see a way to undo that I got panicky. Still, isn’t it strange that it didn’t reset itself when I reinstalled?

I don’t know what you mean by having a “white color selected.” I have watched some of the videos but I need to do more research to get better at this.

Anyway, while I am already taking up your time, when I click on blur or replace, I get “an unexpected error has occurred.” Any idea about this?

I am still trying to figure out the HSL vs YUV thing. I need to spend some time learning about those two settings.

(At least now I know all those specs for my computer. I had to look them up bc I am not nearly as informed as that might make me seem)

Thanks again. Deirdre