Why is my camera better in Skype than in ManyCam?

I have the same camera settings in both ManyCam and Skype. In Skype my picture is perfect, in ManyCam it is grainy. I am using a Dell Inspiron 3780, and seem unable to locate any way to alter the camera settings at source, only through Skype and ManyCam.

Incidentally, the camera is auto adjusting the brightness of the picture. Constantly. Not fast enough to be called a strobe but still really annoying.

Anyone have any advice on these two issues?

Hey @Darren_Burr,

Can you post a video or a few screenshots to illustrate the quality issue? What video settings are you using in ManyCam?

Regarding the camera settings, you can access and adjust them as shown here.

Here is my Skype Camera picture:

And here is my ManyCam picture.

Now here are my ManyCam settings:Camera%20Settings%20Manycam

And here are my Skype camera settingsCamera%20Settings%20Skype

You can also see the quality of the laptop camera on my YouTube channel, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9ph1mQDhsA The laptop camera is the one on my face (the cards are through the phone).

So, Skype provides consistently better video than recording video through ManyCam, better resolution, less grainy, and I can’t figure out why.