When sharing windows fullscrean it does not show the background it's just black and I can just see the cursor, how can I fix this?

Hey @11143

First, update ManyCam to the latest version using this link:

Please send the following information to support@manycam.com:

1. DxDiag report:

  • Press Win + R , type-in dxdiag and hit Enter . Then please click on “Save all information” and send the file to Support.

2. Log files from ManyCam:

  1. Start ManyCam and reproduce the issue
  2. Close ManyCam by pressing Ctrl + Q
  3. Press Win + R , type-in %appdata%\ManyCam\Logs and hit Enter
  4. Then select all files from this folder, right-click -> select Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder . Send the compressed zip folder to Support.