Virtual Webcam not showing up on Mac

I am running MacOS Mojave: 10.14.6
I am using Amazon Chime: 4.30.7537

I don’t see the option to use the virtual webcam, but I can see the option to use the virtual microphone.

Tested with the browser and Google Hangouts and it worked fine.

As far as I can tell, it seems like it doesn’t show up in the Mac OS for a desktop application to see. My other Webcam is there (Logitech).

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @Bob_K,

Unfortunately this happens for many apps on macOS as these apps disabled virtual cameras at all.
What can you do:

  1. Try to download older version of your app (please share the link here).
  2. Some users suggested this workaround, but I don’t recommend it from security point of view: ManyCam virtual Cam with Zoom 4.6.9
  3. Contact Amazom Chime support and request a fix
  4. Submit a feedback to Apple so they provide a solution for virtual cameras to work:

@Bob_K did you ever get Virtual Cam working with Chime? Struggling with that right now. Thx!

Hey @Andy_Deemer

Unfortunately, Chime doesn’t support any virtual webcams at all.

Gah, and thank you for letting me know!!