Video source changes automatically

When I have multiple video sources selected (e.g. two cams), then the selected camera changes automatically after some time. How can I stop this? I do not find any setting.

Hey @axelangeli

Please check is the Video Playlist is being used:

Thank you. That playlist settings caused the transition. However, I am missing the option to manually cut between scenes/sources.
What I need is: same background scene (e.g. PowerPoint) but switch cameras displayed in front.
Normal scene transition via presets has the disadvantage, that if I cahnge background I have to change in several presets

I believe I have the same need:

I want to have multiple video sources ready to go, but do not want ManyCam to automatically switch between them.

Rather, I want to manually switch between video sources if/when I’m ready.

Is this possible? I.e. is there a way to have multiple video sources but NOT use a playlist with duration?