Video in Preview Scene Runs in the background

When I select a video as media to stream, and I set up a scene to be streamed after a previous scene, the video has started and I cannot stop it or begin the video at the time I want to stream it. It is half played before I am ready to go live with it, meaning the stream starts with the video half played. How do I get the video to start at beginning when I select it to begin streaming?


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Hey @wfphcsanctuary

Have you tried you using the Playlist controls:

Can you elaborate? I, too, am having this problem.

I have managed to get the video to start from the beginning using the Preset mode, but why should I have to do that with all the other stress of doing a live stream?

Why can’t I just assign the video to a Preview window, tap on it, and know that it’s going to play from the beginning each time? This “Preset” thing seems like a workaround you can expect from FREE software, not one that costs twice as much as VMix!