Video Fixed Frame Rate Recording Request

I would like to suggest another control for Recording. Zoom calls it Editor Compatibility mode or something similar. the idea is to make the recorded files ready to edit in editing software.

Iphones also offer a way of shutting off variable frame rate records and locking in a constant frame rate 30 FPS 60 Fps for example.

When I edit my Manycam records in Avid or Premiere the files are glitchy and out of sync audio. I must run them through Handbrake to make them Fixed Frame Rate files. Since I do a two-hour broadcast it takes 2 hours or more of additional time to prepare the files before I can edit. Once the files are converted to fixed-rate they playback in the edit programs just fine.

I would like to request that a fixed frame rate record option or setting be considered for future versions of Manycam. Thanks

I think the preference area you can set bit frame rate.

Thanks for the reply JayBeeOH

You can set the video bit rate to CBR or Constant bit rate which relates to the quality of the video. If you have it set to VBR or Variable bitrate the Video bitrate Kbit/s will change with the complexity of the footage. For example, a static still will only need a lower bit rate but a scene with a lot of movement will require a higher bit rate to look good and have enough detail.

But right now in Manycam, you can’t set the Frame rate to a constant Frame Rate or CFR The frame rate moves around and that’s what causes big problems if you try to edit the footage in editing software that is looking for a fixed frame rate lets say 30 to 60 FPS. The Variable Frame Rate was designed to keep file sizes smaller, but it can’t be used by editing software. Check out this thread Having issues editing MP4 Files for some of the workarounds Manycam users have been using.