Unusable as a church platform - at least give me what OBS can do for free

We purchased this yesterday, expecting it to have at least the same fundamental features as OBS has. It doesn’t. For example, when you have your webcam in a preset and want to transition to a video file in another preset, this software does NOT cut the audio from the webstream, and it also does not play the video from the beginning automatically. Instead, you need to start it manually and if the cursor is not at the beginning, it’s useless for live broadcast. If you play a video from the beginning there’s another glitch: The program briefly flashes a frame from the position the video was in before starting from the beginning. That’s a big bug. Lastly, there are no usable audio controls (mixer, metering). Hate to say it, but for a paid product this is not acceptable and feels like a kids toy software. We will ask for a refund. Sorry…

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So I guess I somewhat found the feature of videos starting from the beginning by. clicking on them by using a playlist within a preset, versus presets for each video. That seems to work OK. Is there a way to se the names of the videos? Ours fade in from black so each video’s thumbnail is a black box. Also, please add the feature to auto-mute the audio input as an option when playing video file content. This is a big drawback. Thanks.


Auto-muting the audio input when playing a video would be on my wishlist as well. I am under pressure to switch to OBS, however i have the premium lifetime subscription and would like to use Manycam.