Two devices, 1 Account, Want to use together

I have two laptops - I thought with my subscription (two activations) that once activated and logged in on both devices I would be able to use them together. For example, as an online teacher I would like to be able to have presets with google slides or other presets relating to the lesson ready to click to at the proper times. I know I can do this from one computer; however, the issue I face is that it forces me to leave the classroom to control manycam. It is too much clicking and confusion So I want the ability to control manycam from computer 1 so that the view of the classroom remains visible on the screen of computer 2. They are different laptops - I just thought that when signed in on ManyCam from either would yield the same thing and therefore if I could control from one and it link up - that would be great!! Maybe there is a setting I am missing… I wonder if I am even making sense? Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance.

Hey @TeacherElizabethKI,

There is no option in ManyCam that would allow to control another ManyCam app, and frankly, I doubt we can implement this. Most teachers just use two monitors to avoid leaving the class when they need to change something in ManyCam. ManyCam hotkeys also come in handy when it comes to basic commands. Other teachers shrink the browser window or quickly switch b/w the apps.

Take a look at this video for reference.