Supported platforms

I bought a license for ManyCam earlier today after playing with it a bit. I should have tried it on some real calls instead of just looking at the tool itself though and I’m regretting my purchase already.

It seems that at least on Mac, there are so many tools that it doesn’t work with that there should be some notice of "it works on ". I’ve so far tried on a small handful and found Slack (no), Discord (no), Teams (sort of, if you do this hacky thing).

If I’d known that ManyCam would only work for a very small subset of places, I don’t think I would have bought since I don’t know if it’s worth the effort to really get into the tool when it has such a low chance of being able to be used.

Now that I’m more aware of the issue, I feel it’s a big enough problem there should be more up front notice.

Unless I’m wrong (hoping?) and those forums are out of date and there’s some way to get this to work again with more tools?