Subscription wasn't suitable - refund please!

It took me far too long to figure out that my subscription did not include the background feature. I’m not very tech-savvy, maybe, but I think you need to make it clearer what exactly the different features are for the different subscriptions.
(On the subscription page it only mentions Standard, Studio and Premium options clearly whereas the features aren’t clearly explained. I bought the Standard subscription, which didn’t include the background feature.)
Also, the company requires me to post to my social media feeds, which really isn’t something I want to do because my social media sites are personal. I found this a bit unprofessional for a company as big as ManyCam.
I also think that there should be a time-limit to try the additional features to make the right choices about what subscriptions to pay for because otherwise these mistakes are made.<> doesn’t apply?
To sum, I only needed to use the background feature so I ended up paying for something I will never need. I’d really like a refund, if this is possible, and find that, unlike other services I have purchased in the past, the customer service support via e-mail is really slow and unhelpful, which is why I’m trying the forum so that other customers won’t make the same mistake.
FYI I still haven’t heard from your sales or tech teams but required the background feature today for teaching. It’s far too slow a service for me.

Hello @Mika

I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with ManyCam. I’ll try to answer your questions here:

  1. On our Buy page, there’s a comparison table for all existing products illustrating what features are included in each plan.

    Feature description can be found on the corresponding Features page.
    Please point me in the right direction on what to improve here, we’ll try to use your feedback to make things clearer.
  2. You mentioned that MayCam requires you to post to your social media feeds. To be honest, I’m don’t recall ManyCam imposing any requirement of such sort. Could you please elaborate?
    ManyCam, among other things, is a streaming software. You can use ManyCam for streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform, but it is entirely up to you, just one of the options available.
  3. “There should be a time-limit to try the additional features to make the right choices about what subscriptions to pay” - You are right, sounds fair. Currently, we offer the following options:
    a. 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This is indicated in our Sales policy, on the cart page and our Help Center
    b. Subscription upgrade by paying the difference, here’s how you can proceed with this option.
    c. You can also contact us via this form and request trial membership if you want to try out the paid features before you buy.

I think there’s always room for improvement. Let me know if these are enough or we should reconsider this list or any option in particular.

  1. Regarding your subscription, I see that you were able to successfully activate it yesterday and that you’ve chosen to sign up with us using the social login option (Facebook). Let me know if you need any help with your account.

  2. We apologize for the slow response time. Our Support team responds within its working hours, however, the response time may increase due to the ongoing crisis (and its consequences). To mitigate this, we have already expanded our support team and adopted a set of specific measures. We are doing our best to make sure all requests are answered in the shortest time possible, but unfortunately, delays may still occur occasionally.

Hi Mikhail,

Sorry if everything in my post sounded very provocative but I was desperate for urgent attention. I have just noticed your e-mail, which is a copy of your post. Thank you for your attention.

The only option for me is to proceed with a refund. I did look for information on your website, i.e. by searching for “refund” in the search bar and looking at FAQs, but there wasn’t any evidence to suggest what you’re now suggesting. I think you should list this more easily, especially for people like me who don’t know your company very well.

However, you didn’t provide any information in your post about “proceeding with a refund,” only “proceeding with paying the difference.” I definitely do not want to waste money on something I need, which is why the first option is better. I will give your “trial subscription” a go, though, although maybe later on because I don’t have time right now to play around with my computer.

One more thing, since you obviously show a keen interest in improving your customer services: why doesn’t your website clearly list the “trial” web form you have included in this post?

Much appreciated.


Hey @Mika

You can proceed with requesting a refund as shown here (point #3 of my previous reply). This information is listed on our Help Center and Sales policy.

As for the trial web form, we’ve had it at some point, but after some tests, we switched to our current workflow.

I do not understand what you mean by “workflow” and have returned, today, to see whether I can trial ManyCam or not. Please get back to me because I’m trying to find a software to change my background while video-calling from home.