[SOLVED] How to adjust a size of image?

Hi there

Please see the attached image.

I feel it is too big.

Please show me how to adjust it.

Hey @nishinagahori888,

In ManyCam, Add New Layer as shown here.
Then add you image inside this layer as shown here. You will be able to resize the layer containing the image.

Hi @Mikhail

Thank you for your response.
I am afraid I will not be able to adjust the size of the image if I use Layer.
Because I am a free member of the present. situation

Do you have any alternative way?

Yes, you can create an effect using the GIMP app and make the background as shown in this thread.

Also see How to create effects

Hi @Mikhail

Thank you for the response again.

create an effect using the GIMP
Please refer to the following image URL.

That means I organize the size of an image by another application like Pixlr Editor(this case)
by myself and keep that again.

And I can take it out of the reserves.

Please point me out my operation is wrong.


Yes, you need to edit the image with some other software of your choice and then proceed with creating an effect from the image you edited.

Hi @Mikhail

Let me close this thread since your dedicated responses.

Thank you.