[SOLVED] Difference between Import/Export Presets and Projects

I have ManyCam licensed on my home desktop computer with a Logitech Brio webcam and on my office laptop with a Logitech c920 Pro webcam.

I would like to share my standard presets with virtual backgrounds, background images, PIP settings, videos, etc. between the two systems without having to manually duplicate them.

I am trying to understand the difference between importing/exporting presets and saving/opening projects. The online help (“Exporting & importing ManyCam presets and projects”) doesn’t fully explain the differences. If there is a link or video to more detailed help, that would be great.

Also, is there a way to set the default folder for ManyCam presets / projects / videos / images, etc. so that I can setup a common folder like “My Documents\ManyCam” on both my systems so that the shared presets and projects use the same folder path?

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Sailor Guy

The ability to save/delete/re-upload/export/import playlists, presets, projects and layers is so useful so that one does not need to recreate everything when trying to return to an earlier presentation one has made. Thank you for these functions!

To best make use of them, however, I second the request made by Sailor Guy, for fuller descriptions that outline the capacity and limitations of the above-mentioned functions. In particular, what does a “Project” save? From quite a bit of experimenting with saving/deleting/exporting/importing/copying of presets, playlists, and layers, I have gained a sense of how they work. But could ManyCam possibly spell it out, perhaps in a video posted online? I have searched, but to date, have found no substantial description of the “Project” function yet.

As of now, I am convinced that no function (including Exporting a Project) will save a preset and its corresponding playlists along with an effect folder that we have created as a group. Is that correct? I believe that Exporting a Project will save a preset with its corresponding playlists and “selected effects,” but not with effects that we have made into a “Group” within its own folder. Please advise otherwise.

Going one step further, is there any plans in the works to be able to SYNC ManyCam across devices? Similar to Sailor Guy, I have a work computer and a home laptop and would optimally be able to save all settings in the cloud to be equally loadable and immediately usable on both devices locally.

Again echoing Sailor Guy, it would be very helpful and time saving to be able share presets, backgrounds, PIP settings) across devices without having to manually duplicate them. To this list, I will add projects, playlists and effects. It is tricky, because the paths on each local device would be different, making it more complicated that simply exporting a path directory from one computer to the cloud, and then importing it in another. There would need to be a conversion of the paths. Bottomline: It seems much more optimal at present not to try to work across two devices.

But ManyCam developers are innovative, talented, and skillful and probably capable of creating solutions for syncing across devices. Might there me any plans in store? What other strategies are people using in the meantime, perhaps using cloud-based storage accessible across devices, or any other ideas?


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Good post!
We solved the sharing issue b y using a Google Doc shared folder for the projects and all related assets. That way we all have access to the same projects from anywhere.

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