[SOLVED] Can I force Manycam to remember its window size and position?

This is a small annoyance. Running Windows 10 latest updates. Every time I open Manycam I have to drag the window and resize it where I want it. I have not been able to find a way to have it remember the size and position from when it was last closed.

Am I daft? If this ability does not exist, it should be made a feature.

Hey @thunderrd

Have you tried locking the layer?

Thanks for the response.

All the presets I have are locked, yes.

My problem is the Manycam window itself; not the contents of the presets. I start Manycam, and every time I do it opens in the center of the screen, and is the same size. Then, I have to drag it to the bottom right of the screen and resize it to the size I want. Why does it not remember this, and open in the bottom right the next time I start it?

Can anyone confirm or deny that this behavior is normal/expected, so I can investigate it more?

@thunderrd Please try out beta that has a fix for this problem (Windows only for now): https://manycam.com/beta/

Great. I will try this out tomorrow, and report back here :wink:

OK, I had some time and tried the beta version

It does indeed solve the issue of remembering the position and size of the main window.

Thanks for the attention to the problem. We can close this thread, and I’ll open it again if I encounter the problem again.

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