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[SOLVED] After upgrading to 7.10.6 I cannot play mp4


I upgraded from 7.08 to 7.10, now all mp4 videos display black screen. Video counter does not advance.

I have uninstalled MC, installed MC Beta, uninstalled MC Beta, installed klite codecs, reinstalled MC 7.10. Nothing I’ve done has changed / resolved the issue.

It appears that the video codec is not working. Any ideas how to reset or do a fresh install?

@Big_Texxx Try to open Settings → Video and change “Multimedia framework” to something like “Prefer Directshow”

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That did it! Thank you!!

@Big_Texxx , If you have a good discrete graphics card, for example mine is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, you might get better performance by selecting the “Prefer Media Foundation (Hardware)”.

Just a side note, I had the same issue that you encountered upon doing an upgrade. For some reason, the settings were lost.