Several Suggestions Dealing with Effects

I love ManyCam for my online classes, but I have some suggestions for improvement:

  1. Can you guys fix the folders list that pops up when I want to add a new picture to a folder so that it is alphabetical? It makes it VERY difficult for me to look through more than 50 files to find the one I need when I’m adding a new picture.

  2. Can you make it so that I can put a photo or gif in more than one folder?

  3. Can we have the ability to make folders within folders?

  4. Can you make it easy to rename photos or gifs we download from the app’s selections?

  5. Can you fix the search function to be more specific on the effects so that when I search for “yell” I don’t get “yellow” and any word with that words stem. Sometimes it makes it take a LONG time to look for what you need.

It is a wonderful program, and my students have responded very well to it! Thank you!