Searching for Effects

This issue is an example of a broader problem. I am searching for letters. I know I can browse through Text-Alphabet and while there are only a few hundred option, I am trying to look for specific letters. If I use the search function, and if I try a specific letter it may work for only the first few options, then it begins listing popular effects regardless of the category I choose. I’ve tried using quotations with no results at all. Even if I put the word “letter” in the search, with no letter, followed by All Categories or Alphabet as the category, I receive only the combo Cap/Lower set of letters followed by options that don’t include the word “letter” and again these additional affects seem to be based on popularity, not having anything to do with my search. Even if I change from “most popular” to “by name” it changes the results but doesn’t actually include options with the word “letter” in it. I know that other options exist that include the word “letter” but they do not show at all in these results.

In this situation, I’m trying to build a couple of sets of letters. Maybe uppercase set and lowercase set. Until we can easily resize effects a large and small set of letters also. It appears that there are many partial sets of each option, which really isn’t ManyCam’s responsibility. However, being able to find this info seems to be unnecessarily difficult. I think this might curb other’s want to help build this library.

I don’t understand the inclusion of unsearched for results ever. I don’t mind seeing a list of popular downloads when I first arrive to the page. However, once I start looking for specific items these items should only show if I actually search for them. This seems to happen regardless of the search and I feel I’m not able to see all the options I’m searching for without browsing into the categories and even then there isn’t much.

Thank you for the hard work.

Hi @Kevin_Lindsey,

Welcome to the community. This is a known issue, but thanks for reporting. It’s already on the list so we’ll look into this as soon as possible.

Hi, I am so glad you are looking into this. It is so frustrating to not have search access to 100’s of effects.