Saving Lower Thirds

I don’t know if I missed it somewhere but is turning on a lower third the only way of saving it? I created 25 for a church service the night before, saved the show, quit MC. Got to the church the next night and all my L3s were gone! Since then every time I create a L3 I turn it on and move on adding the next one.

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We learned this early on too. Also note that saving a project doesn’t save the lower thirds and doesn’t offer a switch to do so. To adapt, we have created a spreadsheet where we keep the lower thirds for more than 28 different projects and can quickly copy and paste them into Manycam. We’ve actually grown to prefer this as a long list of unsortable lower thirds in Manycam is more cumbersome than adding a single lower third from the spreadsheet.
Our spreadsheet even counts the characters for you so you know every one will fit with no last minute editing. Help yourself if you like one of your own from this Google Drive Link

Please don’t request access for editing! Just make a copy of it in your drive and it’s yours. :slight_smile: .

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Thanks Mark.
Character counting using the =len()? That’s brilliant. So I understand, you’re saving the spreadsheet and then doing a copy/paste each line? Which is infinitely faster than re-typing each L3 for each project.

Sorry I missed this. Yes we just copy and paste.