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Saving Effects ManyCam 8

First off, I love the new ManyCam 8 interface. Audio settings are easier to navigate than ever and I love the new effects layouts. But I’ve got a couple of questions to which I hope someone can give me a definitive answer.

  1. When saving presets or even projects, when I open the saved preset (or project) I lose all my effects such as text countdowns, etc… so I essentially need to recreate all my presets anyway. Is this a known issue or is there a way to save the effects and brings them back quickly?

  2. This one is not so much a question as it is a comment. With ManyCam 8 I can finally move off of OBS except for one thing. Chroma Key works flawlessly in OBS with my greenscreen. I’ve got professional 10’ X 8" Chroma Key Fabric greenscreen but no matter what setting I use in MC7,8… I get green artifacts. If I move I get streaks of green showing up behind me. With OBS I simply click with the color picker and everything is transparent and replace lickedy split. Because of this I still use OBS as a virtual cam into ManyCam and I sure would like to stop that.
    Is anyone else experiencing this / got a solution?. It’s been consistent this way for me through a couple of product releases now. I’d love feedback. Even more, I’d love the chroma key engine used in OBS.

@holsen ,

  1. At this moment, such objects like Texts, Effects, Clocks, Titles and Draw are not being exported. But it is planned for the next release to add the first three.

  2. I’ll forward your feedback, in the mean time maybe VB is enough for you?