Saved Playlist loses link to Media

When I save my Playlist and then move the Entire media folder over to a new computer and then import that playlist back into Manycam, it doesn’t retain the link to the media. The Playlist imports but the media files are just “placeholders” (they say the title of the file when you hover over them, but there’s nothing there). The original folder structure is exactly as it was on the other computer. Is there a way to relink the media all at once?

I’m on MacOS 10.13.6 when I import the saved Playlist.

Thanks for any help!

Anyone have any suggestions? My team creates the “shows” on one computer, but then broadcasts from another. Is no one using ManyCam in a team environment for virtual conferences? I’m sure I can’ be the only person who has encountered this issue. I’m just wondering what the solution or work-around is…


Hey @Rod

The paths on these two machines are apparently different. Are user names the same on both machines?

Please create a separate topic for this one.

Usernames are NOT the same.

When usernames are not the same this also makes the paths different. Unfortunately, ManyCam will not be able to recognize the new path.

Is this an issue that can be fixed?
If I have a MS Word document and I move it to another folder or computer, I can still open it in MS Word and I can still see all the text that I wrote. In fact, every other program I have on my Mac has “relative path” functionality. Is this not a big flaw that should be fixed?