RTMP Ingest Server

I have a Mevo camera, which allows me to send high quality video to RTMP servers (Crowdcast, among others).
I want to send the feed from the Mevo to Manycam, but it can’t connect.

Using my local IP address, port 1935, and stream key, I can RTMP to my desk top Manycam from my phone Manycam, but cannot connect the Mevo camera with the same settings.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Following! I have a meevo also!

Hey @Stephen_O_Donnell @algoalternativo

Are you getting any error messages? What ManyCam versions are you using? Please share screenshots.

Apologies for not replying sooner.
I was never able to fix the RTMP ingest, but did find a solution in this tool - Action Cam 2 PC.

I can stream from the mevo to this on my pc, and then use NDI to pull the content into ManyCam.