Remote Control Feature

Enable ManyCam on Windows 10 to act as a remote control for manycam on your phone and vice versa so you can enable manycam on your mobile phone to act as a remote for manycam installed on your windows machine


Hey @producer_ben,

Thank you for the suggestion, we actually thought about this a while back and I think it would be a cool addition.
Our original idea was to allow basic controls from mobile -> desktop such as source switching and volume control.

I will definitely look at this moving forward though.

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Hi Christopher,

Thanks for noting this idea. It would be brilliant and very useful. Especially if you’re running a live stream. Having your mobile device control the pc or having the pc control your mobile device would be a lifesaver and save all kinds of other rat nests of caples and awkward manoeuvres

Where is this now on the to do list? Would really like to see this for mobile app remote to control Windows 10.

I upvote this feature a hundred times. I’m a professional trainer and scene control would be an incredible feature for any trainer or educator. Since everyone’s remote, I think you guys could kill it with this right now

It would seem that the MANYCAM TEAM aren’t taking people serious about having a switchable remote feature on your mobile, android, ipad, or pc. Everyone keeps asking for this feature and it has been such a very long time for the Manycam team to respond with light at the end of the tunnel. I requested this feature well over a year ago and have seen nothing or heard of any move for such a remote. Is it soo difficult for it to be implemented. After all, you do want to keep your customers don’t you?