Reinstate Manycam Asking BEFORE deleting an Effect


Once upon a time, When I clicked the little X on an Effect, the system would ASK:

"Are you sure you want to delete this effect"

I thought I could handle it.:dark_sunglasses:. I can’t! :cry: I have accidentally removed too many effects with sloppy mouse control and NEED Manycam to ask me if I’m sure again. Please tell me how I can reinstate this.

Thanks so much.

-Marie :heart:

Hey @Marie_Greenly

We actually haven’t changed this as far as I can tell.

@ieo are there any other bug reports relating to this?

Hi @Chris_MC,

I think this is not a bug, I think Marie marked this checkbox and confirmation is not longer shown:

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to return it back. One possible option is resetting settings, but this way you loose your settings (:exclamation:) and have to re-login and reactivate your subscription:

  1. Backup entire %AppData%\Roaming\ManyCam folder (enter this line into Explorer address bar)
  2. Close ManyCam (Ctrl+Q) and click “Reset settings” from the start menu
  3. Run ManyCam and login back
  4. If something is wrong, close manycam and restore entire %AppData%\Roaming\ManyCam folder.