Question about picture in picture on preset

Is there a way to temporarily disable a picture in picture frame inside a preset or is my only option to delete it? I have an image layer with PiP above it showing my camera. The only thing I found that may work is just re-arranging the order of the layers in the preset tab and put the PiP layer last, but the preset still shows a border where the PiP is behind the image layer, so not sure if people will see that.


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Guess this means there’s not another way since no one answered. Boo. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is impossible at the moment, as a workaround you can make the layer fully transparent (available since 7.7) and mute its audio:


Thank you! I will give that a shot.

@ieo Is there a way to download past versions of the program? I will need to upgrade to the newest version but want to keep the older versions around just in case I have issues upgrading and need to downgrade back to a previous iteration. Thanks!

If I understand your question correctly, click on the pip you want to stay, manage pip, then bring forward. This will hide the other pips. When you want the other pips to be seen, click on pip that is in front and manage layer, bring forward.

@Regina_Chaney , Yeah that’s how I’ve been doing it up to this point, but was hoping there was a better way. @ieo says there’s options in the new version of the program that would work but I need to download past versions before I install the new one in case I have issues. That way I can roll back if needed, but not sure where those are located on the site.

The newest version is much better although I seem to have a lag in video in classroom. Not much.