Problem with Blur and Replace Screen


Im new to manycam. One of the morst important features for buying this app is the Blur and/or Replace function. After installing it and activating this feature (after an additional download) I get this Error in a separate small window with the title “Themida”: Cannot find interference_engine_legacy.dll. Please, re-install this application.
Google and the forum search did not help me out. Can you help me?

I use the following setup: Intel I7, 16Gb RAM, Nvidia quadro 2000 and 2 logitech streamcams. (As far as i know is DX12 and WDDM 2 supported by this GPU).

Thanks, flomee

Update: After a reboot the mentioned error window does not show anymore. I get only the error:

Background could not be started. Can you give me a hint, why this doesnt work. Is the GPU to old?

Thanks in advance! flomee


  1. Try to run ManyCam on NVidia card, not Intel GPU. Right click on ManyCam icon and select NVidia, see as example:

  1. Try to switch to WinML GPU Mode under Advanced Settings: