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Powerpoint Presentation - Unknown Error - Won't Open

Hello, when I try to add a presentation .pptx manycam displays an unknown error.

I have keynote, and power point installed and updated. What may be the issue?

Hey @josephstracuzzi

Please first see this troubleshooting section.

If the issue persists, please send the log files from ManyCam to our Support team at

How to collect logs on macOS

Please also answer the following questions:

  1. Are you able to open this presentation in Keynote/PowerPoint?
  2. What Keynote/PowerPoint version is installed on your machine?
  3. Are you able to open other presentations in ManyCam?
  4. Please send us the presentation you have trouble with so we could test it on our end.
  5. Please also send us a screenshot of the error message.

I just purchased ManyCam and having the same issue. I found that the only way I could add a PowerPoint is if I have the PowerPoint OPEN in Micrososft PowerPoint, the exact opposite of what the help says to do.