Powerpoint issues

Hi everyone

Just paid for a Manycam license. I love how amazing the green screen capability is. Amazing!

I have a couple of issues:

  1. When I use animated GIFs in Powerpoint, they don’t show in Manycam. Any suggestions?
  2. I know I’m probably being thick but when I use two layers, one with the PPT and the other with my camera (using chroma key for the ‘weatherman effect’) my camera feed covers the PPT controls…how do I access them

and 3) related - is it possible to use a ‘clicker’ (like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Wireless-Presenter-Presentation-Pointer/dp/B002GHBUTK/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=logitech+clicker&qid=1597913997&sr=8-3) to advance the slides?

Thanks everyone - and stay safe!


I managed to find a few solutions:

  • do NOT use the ‘presentation’ function. It will not show animations.

  • instead, select ‘desktop’ and ‘app window’ and choose the PPT presentation, which needs to run on the same screen as Manycams

  • keep the focus/cursor on the ppt and you can use your remote

  • that also resolves my second question above

Here’s a video which explains the differences, but essentially the key points are this:

  1. The PowerPoint feature (just like on Zoom) imports your slides and makes static images of them. This strips out all your transitions, embedded video, animations and audio. It’s still really handy for static presentation slides.
  2. The best way to share the full PPT show is to select Desktop/App Area and then choose your slideshow (which you will already have started - ideally on a 2nd screen).
  3. This will then show your transitions, video and audio.
    Your audio will only stream if you have System Sound activated in your audio section. This is because your slideshow is effectively outside of Manycam.
  4. When playing prerecorded video (via media files or Youtube video) you need to mute System audio to avoid very bad echo / reverb.
  5. Check the levels for audio by having a test run to your streaming platform before your live event.