Possibility to "lock focus" in a mobile app?


Could there be a possibility to lock focus in a mobile app? Either to tap on screen or to some distance etc?

So is there any mutual “camera api” for those functions in android platform to use with all those different camera phone models?

That would be nice feature because in several cases the focus is “pumping” very often and makes the video look kinda amateur :frowning:

Facebook app´s own camera does that same pumping :confused:

Thanks for a great software! :+1:

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Hey @hlehtine,

Thank you for the suggestion!
I’m going to tag our mobile developers to see what they say about this.

@xuanc and @ieo is this something we’ve looked into already?

Hi @Chris_MC,

We have it in our roadmap for android for the next 2 versions.

Hey @hlehtine,

Back with some details, our mobile dev team has added this to the list, we will be adding it to iOS first and then over to Android.
I don’t have an exact time frame for this but I can say it’s coming soon.