Playing Video on manycam to Zoom Webinar

I want to play videos on manycam while being streamed to Zoom (Zoom uses manycam virtualcam). In order to make sure this streaming is not affected, I want to use handbrake to edit the video. People tell me this is good if I want to stream to FB or YT using their services (restream, etc.). I’m no pro, but I’m assuming I could use handbrake with certain settings to make sure my streaming to Zoom from Manycam goes perfectly.

I just bought a new computer with a NDVIA GTX 1650 and i5 10400 so I believe my computer is powerful enough.

So my question now is what settings using handbrake to edit the videos would be good in order make sure the streaming is good?

Also, if my video is 2 hours, would it be better to split it up into multiple video files or 2 hours is fine?