Pixelated Video on IMAC

Hi There,
I just purchased a license for many cam. It works great on my 15" macbook pro but on my imac desktop (much larger screen) the video is quite pixelated.i’ve tried to increase the resolution up to 4K and it’s still pixelated in ManyCam

The video works fine in zoom so i think my camera is ok.
I’ve played with the resolution and it’s still pixelated - it looks like vertical lines make up the video regardless of whether i’m at 240p (more pixelated) up to 4k (still pixelated byt not as blury as 240p.
Is there anything that i can do to make this work on my imac? that is where i normally use video.

thank you for any suggestions

Hey @Leah_Wasser,

Can you provide a screenshot? Do you see it in ManyCam window, in recording or in another app with ManyCam Virtual Webcam selected?