New To ManyCam: First Question


I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to insert a video file into one of my 12 preview windows, click on it, and have it play FROM THE BEGINNING each time. When I first insert it, it starts to play and I have to stop it. Then, when I tap it again to activate it, it starts where it left off.

I have experimented with the Presets and have made certain videos “presets” within other frames and this seems to work; however, it’s a really awkward way of triggering a video while streaming live. I’m hoping there is a more failsafe way.

So, can I assign a video to, say, Preview Window 2 and have it play from the very beginning each time I click on it? I DO NOT want to have to hit the Play arrow in the middle of the screen to get it to start and I do not want to have to preview and edit on the fly, either.


Hey @Tom_Montalbano

Please try using the Video Playlist controls for this:

Sorry, no, what you ask is not yet the case for manycam, strangely; but it has been a requested enhancement.

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The problem being: playlists continue to play while they are not the active preset. So the active video or slide show continues to play unless you pause it manually before switching to another preset. Then you have to reset it manually to the beginning be for playing again.

What is needed is videos to preload and then pause and then triggered to play by the transition in the playlist transition/cut or manual trans/cust button event. Along with a start from beginning option.

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Thanks J-Stuart.

I have moved on from ManyCam for now, but hope to return once this and other features are added.