New To ManyCam: First Question


I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to insert a video file into one of my 12 preview windows, click on it, and have it play FROM THE BEGINNING each time. When I first insert it, it starts to play and I have to stop it. Then, when I tap it again to activate it, it starts where it left off.

I have experimented with the Presets and have made certain videos “presets” within other frames and this seems to work; however, it’s a really awkward way of triggering a video while streaming live. I’m hoping there is a more failsafe way.

So, can I assign a video to, say, Preview Window 2 and have it play from the very beginning each time I click on it? I DO NOT want to have to hit the Play arrow in the middle of the screen to get it to start and I do not want to have to preview and edit on the fly, either.


Hey @Tom_Montalbano

Please try using the Video Playlist controls for this:

Sorry, no, what you ask is not yet the case for manycam, strangely; but it has been a requested enhancement.