My List of suggestions some really needed

I love Manycam over OBS cos it had virtual camera
but many the nicer GUI layout and ease of use.
but it lacks some things

  1. It really needs the record camera and pause and play
    on the top line next to zoom.
    as its list navigation when you want to capture a sequence
    and zoom and then end… so can use for a intro or clip.
    I made a tutorial showing what I mean and how one can
    use manycam like a quick and simple quick editor creator
    hope we allowed links

  2. It needs a REFRESH/RELOAD a websource on a layer option
    only way each time to re-add or restart the full package
    very annoying… when you make a web page on a local PC
    IIS and testing code.

  3. Needs better bold folds and no pastel coloring… THEMEs perhaps
    as some of us are older and eyes not as good when was 20ty

  4. Needs a way to SAVE (and LOAD) all current settings and Presets
    basically… so can reload them if delete or clear.
    it needs a UNDO for all functions.
    mixer settings/what mics loads and volume levels had.
    I see its got a small favorite icon but still yet to work what that does
    its not very clear at all… maybe that allows to save various
    mic arrangements?

at the moment I backup the MANYCAM in profile folder

Using latest ManyCam 7.x on Win 10.

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Oh I forgot to add
I didnt see a way to outline text for the scrolling and draw over screen
section… only transparency and color for background.
so thats another request. OUTLINE effect
also 3D characters be nice and shadows

there were some bugs too
under vmware… the capture app window showed blank for IE
not capturing a layer but since its abnormal to use in a virtual
window Its no biggy