Multiple (two) Identical Monitors

I am using two identical monitors with ManyCam for Mac. I try to load one of my monitors as a video source using the “Desktop” popup menu. The monitor becomes an active, viewable source. Great.

Then, I try to load the other monitor as a source (or change the source to the other monitor). I do this with the “Desktop” popup menu, and choose the 2nd monitor, of the same name. But nothing changes. The 1st monitor is still what is active.

So, no matter which monitor I choose in the “Desktop” popup menu, the main monitor (the one with the dock) is always the active monitor.

To emphasize: I have two identical monitors. Both are shown with the same name in the “Desktop” popup menu. So there are two occurrences of that monitor name in the popup menu.

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I am replying because I have the same issue and I want this bumped. I REALLY need to be able to choose between these monitors to present on meetings.