Multiple monitor issue

I’m using Manycam beta in Windows 10 with studio lifetime. I usually move Manycam to my second monitor. When I try to maximize the window in the second monitor Manycam appears to go to the left of my second screen (which is positioned left from the main monitor) but ultimately disappears. From that point I have to use task manager to end the program and the reopen from there (which is actually another issue - I can’t completely close Manycam without using task manager - it would be nice to have a better way to completely close the program). Thank you for your work. I am using Beta as my daily driver only because the old version deleted. Is there anyway to run both? I think that Beta may be stable enough, I just would feel more comfortable with a backup. The features in Beta are fantastic and I look forward to the RE of version 7.

Hi @Kevin_Lindsey,

You can use Ctrl+Q to completely close ManyCam.
The issue with monitor should be fixed in 7.0.2, please try: