Move image not working

In oldest version on Manycam, when i zoomed a webcam, i can move the image with the mouse, both in live and edit mode

Now, i click on the image and is not moving.

Why cannot move the image, like in oldest version?
Sometimes, in live mode, we need to adjust the frame on the subject. With the mouse, was perfect.

So, upgrade was downgrade?

Please, reactivate this feature. Is essential. Or i just don’t now, maybe is hidden somwhere else.

Thank you!

I came here and made an account just to ask about this exact problem. I teach Chinese children and when talking about different countries, I have video presets that are maps of the world/USA/etc and will zoom in and move the map around to show them places. With this feature gone, I can’t do this part of my lesson. Someone please advise.

Hey @Eugen_Tanasescu

Try holding the CTRL button when moving the image.

Well, you just added a complication. Why cannot move with only left click?
In live, is very disturbing to push and hold always CTRL.

Well, i hope in next update to revert to simple clicks.

Thank you.